Quail Recipes

Grilled Quail Jalapeño Poppers


Quail breasts cut into 1 inch cubes

Your favorite marinade or juice from a jar of Jalepenos

Bacon slices cut in half lengthwise

Jar of sliced Jalepenos

Bamboo, wood or medal skewers



1. Marinate quail cubes minimum 2 hours and preferably longer, Overnight is okay.

2. Soak skewers for 20 minutes if using wood or bamboo

3. Take quail cube, place a Jalepeno slice on it, and wrap in Bacon, Fit 5-7 on each skewer

4. Brush and oil the grill to prevent sticking

5. Grill over moderate direct heat

6. Flip and move around grill for even cooking every 3-4 minutes

7. Cook until bacon is crispy and quail is done but not dried out, after aprox. 20 minutes

8. Remove poppers from skewers and serve with toothpicks


Tip: Bring a cooler with ice, ziplock and marinade with you into the feild. Breast your birds, toss in ziplocks with marinade and you'll be ready to cook when you arrive home. Simple as that

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